A New Project

It’s been a while. I’ve been reading and not writing lately, and I’ve also spiralled off on a mass change of intended career. But more about that later.

I could talk about my absence, but writing about depression is just as depressing as reading about it and I wouldn’t want to put you all through that. Instead, if you’d like a remarkably accurate representation of what it’s like to go through depression, here’s a version in cartoon form in two parts by the very talented Allie Bosh of Hyperbole and a Half. So yeah, read part one and part two. Then please report back (please this post isn’t finished yet). It’s a bit harrowing in places but that’s what depression is like.

So, new intended career change (I use the word intended as I don’t think doing bits of my mum’s business counts as ‘having a career’). I could give you some clichés about change but I will resist. In short, I’m going to Leith’s School of Food & Wine to do a professional standard L3 diploma, rather than rolling around in the local newspaper offices crying until someone lets me be a journalist.

A skill I’ve neglected recently is my photography. My camera used to be an extra limb, which has since been amputated and replaced by an iPhone 4S camera. However, anyone that follows me on Instagram (you can see a little tiled preview on the sidebar) knows that whilst my DSLR is suffering some neglect, I have not stopped taking pictures of food or cats. But Instagram only gets you so far. Sure, you can share, gloat, shower in compliments and generally show off – but comment boxes are no places for recipes. It is therefore with great excitement I share with you the fact that I’m going to start a food blog. I won’t give you the link yet as it’s very much under construction (blueprint status) but I will be sure to do so as soon as you no longer have to wear a hard hat and steel toe cap boots to enter the site (pun).

Anyway, enough.

Basically, things are getting better again. Cheers if you took a part in making that happen for me.


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  1. weggieboy
    Aug 18, 2013 @ 16:50:09

    It could be worse, Rosie. When I started out at university my major was English/Journalism/Advertising Copywriing, with a Geology minor. I liked Geology better, but was imaginative enough to convince my father there was a future in it when I told him I wanted to change to that for my major.

    After a three year stint in the US Army as a motion picture photographer stationed in Germany, I returned to my hometown, where I accepted a job in a factory that makes industrial and hydraulic hoses. It wasn’t a career path I even considered!

    Almost 36 years later, I retired from that job (in quality analyses and other intense things in quality), only to realize I was best suited to be a retiree!

    It took no time at all to adjust to retirement, but I felt I needed something warm and fuzzy in my life. A born dog person, I would have preferred a warm and fuzzy puppy, but a dog was a poor choice for where I live. I adopted two pound cats, one of which died from surgery, the other of which lived 22 months with me, converting me into a hardcore cat person. I note he, Louie, trained me well for the next phase of “Life after Louie”.

    After Louie died, I was offered a Persian kitten. He wasn’t a perfect specimen for breeding or showing, but perfectly perfect as a pet. Would I want him, the woman asked. Andy waddled over to me and sniffed my finger. “Hell, yeah!” I said!

    He had some health issues. While back in the care of his veterinarian, he and a littermate, a similar-looking little boy cat, had the time of their young lives.

    “They play well together,” the woman said when I came to see Andy during his recovery. “Would you like another kitten?” She had the little fuzzball in her hands. She set him down, and he waddled over to me to sniff my finger. “Hell, yeah!” I said.

    There is a point to this shaggy dog story, I think…!

    Oh, yeah! Even though I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I ended up doing something else totally unrelated. I also learned I liked cats, and ended up with two Persians that are a hoot! They also inspired my blog tagline: “weggieboy’s blog ~ surviving retirement with two cats.”

    There you are. Not one thing about that tagline could’ve been predicted by what I started out to be., “Weggieboy” has nothing to do with yanking underwear, but relates to a potentially fatal disease I have. When creating an on-line persona, I thought that name was suitable.

    I know, too late, what I am is not the disease, but the servant of two Persian cats, a task much easier to do than journalist, copywriter, geologist, process control guy who uses arcane statistics to amuse and confuse management, or quality guy.

    Who we are, what we are can change in an instant. Enjoy the options opening up in your life knowing that whatever you do, you control whether or not you are happy doing it.

    You are talented, articulate, creative, smart, so taming all that wonderfulness, focusing it all into something you enjoy is harder than finding oneself is for some simple person who finds early in life he really likes flipping hamburgers at the local hamburger emporium, so why explore anything else.

    It’s mostly about attitude! Aptitude is icing on the cake.


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