Open up London, it’s Ceremony Time!

Becks & BoJo are hyped as.

As you will likely recall a few posts ago I made a rather scathing evaluation of London’s prod at an opening ceremony for the Olympic games. Remember? Yes, you do. Untangle yourself from the amass of rainbow coloured London 2012 bunting and pay attention, I may just have to change my mind about something.

As I write this, BBC’s 6pm news is giving a roundup of what the country have been up to today prior to the delivery of £27 mil worth of jazz hands. Our darling culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has been instilling masculine values, Boris has been practicing his speech, and I stayed home and made chutney. I think somehow I win.

Indeed, as you think back to my last post on the matter the budget had been quoted as something similar to that of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film. Remember? Yes, well it seems like it’s been shrunken dramatically. From what I have heard thus far, Danny Boyle has bought some very expensive drugs and then thrown pennies at children to make them dance to ThrillerThat said, I’ve only been shown the rather tacky press images of the rehearsals. Be warned, there is a lot of glitter.

Amongst the road decorations that have lined the streets of our counties, the main messages that initially won the bid are banded about on banners and bunting. Inspire a generationAnd what does that really mean? From where I am sat (ie. In front of the telly) it means that the youth of today need to be pushed to the front, blinking and scratching their acne in order to reflect our values. Well, we’ll see how that one goes. As a representative from that demographic, I’m off to can my chutney.


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  1. weggieboy
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 19:25:28

    In a few years, the US Constitution should be amended to allow clever British “former teens” to run for President! Believe me, you would be an improvement! (Speaker in a partisan way, alluding to a current example of presidential candidate currently trampling through your countryside like an elephant stuffed on fermented berries…! I kind of like the other guy, though his opposition has been anything by loyal. The bastards!)


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